Our focus at People Love Process isn't software training. Sure we'll be using digital workflows, but our focus isn't feature-driven or based on tools and pull-down menu effects. We assume you have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and other industry standard software. If you don’t, we highly recommend or Linkedin Learning to get up to speed with the fundamental basics of design applications first.



Have you ever struggled with building vector-based artwork? Do you find the process of creating vector shapes frustrating at times? Are you confused by the software and tools and find the whole process a struggle? Then you'll benefit from the systematic creative process thoroughly documented in my book.

Whether you need to create a logo mark, icon, illustration, or promo graphic, you'll be able to use the principles covered in my book for your entire design career.

Included with the book:

  • Universal build methods that apply to any vector application
  • Customize your workflow with tools and shortcuts
  • How to create shapes quickly by analyzing form
  • Helpful plugins for Adobe Illustrator
  • Organizing and managing complex files
  • Fundamental methods for coloring and detail
  • 7+ Hours of HD screencasts covering creative techniques
  • 4GB of resource files so you can deconstruct the book art
  • Available in 13 countries via Amazon

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Our innovative plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator gives professional designers a Batman belt of intuitive tools that makes vector building easier. They also speed up the process so you can meet tight deadlines and make on the fly changes with precise results everytime.

All of our plugins allow you to use them for FREE for 14 days so you can make sure it fits well into your workflow.

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Purveyors of trusted design resources for creative professionals such as vector and Photoshop brushes and actions, texture packs, fonts and other helpful assets that will expand your design horizon. All products come with a standard 60-day trial period and a 100% refund if not satisfied.

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Express your unique visual voice with a fast, fun & soulful assortment of creative assets for digital creatives. Our products let you EASILY incorporate them into your workflow, for QUICKLY nailing the look and feel that makes a project more closely resemble the masterpiece you originally intended, so you look like a total Rock Star!

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